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Rules on SPAM emails

We Strickly Prohibited Spaming on our server.


If you’re send any type of spam email then your account will be suspended.

Our Charges on spaming:

–  If IP is Blacklisted then we charge $100 USD for Unsuspension for providing backup of your account.

–  If you account is suspended for Spamming then we charge $25 for providing backup of your account.



If you want to send thousands of emails then please do not chose us because of we do not support spaming on our server, sorry!


or if you want to send newsletter(not spam) then you can purchase our VPS plans.



SPAM Free World 🙂

How to Remove Domain Redirect in cPanel?

1. Log into your cPanel account.
2. In the “Domains” section, click on “Redirects” Icon.
3. Scroll down to the end of page and under “Current Redirects” locate the domain and click on the “remove” icon.

4. For confirmation click on the “Remove Redirect” button once more.